Vision of the future

NK Group team in our recent meetings, while discussing current situation in the world, have realized that the future without technology is impossible and staying at the same place where you were yesterday means only going backwards. Therefore, we have partnered with engineering teams to lead the path of the future in certain areas of our lives.

We will keep our projects in a secret place for now, while developing the newest technologies which will change our everyday lives. These projects are not necessary involving with children, but they will not be missing it as they grow up as they are highly scalable and it will be interconnected in our lives on many levels.


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What we offer, we expect in return. Long-lasting partnership is possible only if both sides put the effort.


NK Group is your ideal partner to increase sales and distribution outside your traditional sales channels. Through our local and international contacts we have a good overview of the current demand within the FCMG branch, enabling us to create new sales and distribution opportunities for your company. We will ensure that your wholesale offers and/or excess stocks efficiently find their way to the consumer.


NK Group will help you fulfill all your customer’s needs and bring together supply and demand in order to increase your company’s profitability.

We supplies a full fast moving consumer goods product range, consisting primarily of top brands supplied by multinationals and producers. 

Our valued partners: